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    Calculations with original data after filter added to context.

    Sandor Marton

      If I understood correctly, when I add my filters to context, then Tableau slices my original data and creates a temporary data frame. I want to calculate the number of records for my original data, but when I try then I obtain the number of records for the temporary data. Is there a way to access the original data after that I added my filters to context?


      Thank you!

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Sandor - This is a tricky one. Typically the reason you add a filter to the context is so that it is never ignored - always applied to your calculations.


          What exactly are you trying to do? I can recommend 2 approaches:

          1. Create 2 separate sheets and combine them in a dashboard. One sheet would have the filter applied to context, and the other would not.

          • This will work if you just want to display the pre-filter number.
          • If you want to reuse the pre-filter number in a calculation, it may be hard or impossible.

          2. Do not apply the filter to context. It will still be applied to traditional aggregation calculations, but will not be applied to LOD calculations.

          • This filter will apply to calculation like SUM([Number of Records])
          • This filter will not apply to calculation like {FIXED:SUM([Number of Records])}


          In any case, please let me know your exact scenario - I may be able to help with a different approach.