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    "Filter All Related Data" sources not working


      I have three Data sources - Source 1 - COSTS

                                                   Source 2 - STAFF

                                                   Source 3 - EXPENSES


      These all have the same four fields - CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3, CAT 4.


      I have a fourth file which is a Username and Password file. This also has the same four fields:   Source 4 - CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3, CAT 4.


      I want to use Source 4 as a global filter to drive the views for the other 3 sources.

      I have set up a sheet with the fields - Name, Password, CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3, CAT4

      I have set this as a quick filter on the Password field and set to "Apply to All using Related Worksheets"


      This has worked for COSTS and STAFF but not for EXPENSES.


      Does anyone know why this may be the case?