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    stacked area chart with 100 %


      Hi Tableau experts,


      I am very new to Tableau and would like to create stacked area chart with sum is always 100%. The data that I'd like to use is quite simple, which is time based data, with date and time a few fields, which I'd like to use as additional  dimension.

      The row axis would packet loss which I'd like to split in two stacked area, one area is where the packet loss is lower than 3% and another area is the packet loss above 3%.  Other fields could be id, region, etc. which I can use as filter or conditions.


      I tried using table calculation with percent of total  as below but it does not give me the 100% stacked chart.  It just gives the percentage of data relative to total data.




      Could someone suggest how this should be done?


      Thanks for help