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    Wordpress deletes my iframe on save and publish

    Tyler Batten

      Hello all,


      Topic: embedding vizes into wordpress.org (self-hosted) sites.


      Problem: when article is saved as draft, pre viewed and published iframe data is stripped from Wordpress text editor. However, stripping does not occur if editor is toggled between text and visual modes. The iframe below is, in fact, being imputed into the text editor mode, not the visual mode.


      <iframe src="https://public.tableau.com/views/AveragepricesandnewincomeneededunderCanadasupdatedmortgagerules/Mortgagerules?:showVizHome=no&:embed=y&:display_count=yes" width="660" height="700"></iframe>


      A post I wrote last week did take. The viz successfully embeded and is live at Can You Afford The Average Home in Canada? (not mobile friendly). The editor of this site was able to publish the post while I was at work using a simple iframe exactly like the one above. I, however, was unable to make it work. This week, both he and I are unable to make this thing work.


      Please, if any of you have had this problem and know a fix or can help me in any way please do. I don't sleep well when things don't work well.


      PS: the Tableau provided embed code does not work either. What appears is a tiny white play symbol wrapped in a blue box.