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    Creating forecast based on end date


      I use excel to maintain a forecast of my contractor headcount based on each contractor end date. In the source excel data, I have two columns which are used to generate a forecast report in excel. Column 1 is the name of the contractor and column 2 is the end date. In excel I create another 12 columns for the next 12 months and write an IF statement which goes something like "IF "end date" is > Dec'16 then "Y", "N" etc. After this i count the Y's for Dec'16 and I can figure out what my contractor count would be in Dec.


      Is there an easier way to do this in Tableau? I could also import the existing excel in Tableau with the If statement calcuation but when I move Nov'16, Dec'16 to columns, it merges for some reason and does not show as distinct columns with counts of the Y's