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    Bullet graph with dynamic baseline options

    David Lu

      I'm creating a bullet graph and want to give the user the flexibility to choose what they would like to compare the data to.  I was able to very simply create a "governmentwide" baseline by using the formula if [Label]='Governmentwide' then [Pivot field values] END.  However, after thinking about it, users may want to compare their agency's performance with other agencies and not necessarily the government as a whole.  Is there a way to build a filter that provides the Pivot field values as a baseline for whatever agency (label) they choose?

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          D Barnetson

          Hi David,


          It sounds like there could be a simple solution for you issue by creating a few more calculated fields.


          It's always helpful to add an example using Tableau's Super Store data as a packaged workbook (.twbx)


          If you could create something quickly, the community may be able to help you out more quickly.




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            David Lu

            Hi Don, yes sorry about that.  I actually can't really replicate this with the Superstore data, but I've included some screenshots below:



            The above image is a bullet chart I put together showing results of a satisfaction survey.  The Engagement portion of the survey is being represented by 15 questions (p3, p4, ... , p61) and these are the scores of a particular government agency (let's just say it's the DoD).  Currently, each baseline for each question represents Governmentwide results.  My question is seeing if there's a way to make choosing a baseline as an option for the user.  For instance, what if the DoD isn't concerned with comparing themselves with the Government as a whole and wants to compare themselves with an agency of similar size (let's just say Dept of Agriculture).  I'm wondering if there's a way to create a dynamic baseline option for the user to choose.  Let me know if this makes sense.  Thanks!

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              D Barnetson

              I think I understand what you are trying to do.


              Similar to comparing YoY, you want the user to be able to compare their department against another, or a number of departments, correct?


              I've done something like this in the past, using multiple parameters, to give me the option to select 2 different items within the same dimension that I wanted to compare.


              Let me get back to you. I may still have an example.


              Until then, this might give you something to think about:


              Paint By Numbers: Tableau Tip - Comparing a custom date range with the prior year

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                David Lu

                Yes, that is correct!  I've actually figured out a way to do this literally just now, but it involves duplicating the data source and pulling in the dimension from the other source as a filter.  Not sure if that's the most elegant way of doing it.  Let me know if you dig up something.  Thanks!

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                  David Lu

                  Hi Don,


                  I presented my dashboard to a couple folks and they really like the option of being able to choose their own baselines as comparison, but now they are asking if it's possible to add in multiple baseline choices.  So for example, perhaps they want to choose two baselines in which to compare their agency performance (so two lines in the bullet graph), they want the flexibility to be able to do that.  Do you know if this is even possible?  If I tried to do it my way, I think that would involve connecting to the same data source a third time, which I don't think is ideal.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how this can be done more efficiently.



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                    Aalok Jain

                    I am trying to do something very similar, I tried playing with superstore data to replicate the scenario however it works fine if its just one baseline, when it comes to multiple baselines based on other dimensions then it does not work.


                    Blend is the only option as of now.