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    Rank with Attribute Detail

    Stuart Dunlap



      I'm trying to do a straight forward stacked bar that allows for a filter on an aggregation.  This seems like a straight forward exercise, but I can't figure out how to make it work.


      An example of what I want to accomplish is in the attached workbook.  Using Superstore, I have a rank of Sub-Category by sum of Sales for all years.  In the worksheet called 'Part 1 - Rank' I'm showing the Top 10.  Easy enough...  Now, I want to show this as a stacked bar to provide visibility for the proportion of Sub-Category sales by Segment.  What I'm ultimately shooting for is shown in the worksheet called 'Desired - Only w Rank & Filter' - however the downside for this view is it is not filtered for Top N.


      The worksheet called 'Part 2 - Rank w Attribute Detail' was my attempt.  The issue is I cannot get it to work - even after redefining the Partition in the Table Calc.  This simply ranks by Sub-Category AND Segment... See Chairs - ranked as #1 and #6.


      Is there a way to aggregate the sales for all Segments a the Sub-Category level, yet still show the proportion of Sales by Segment for each Sub-Category?