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    Automate Tableau - Identify broken report

    Eswar Subramanian

      I'm working on solving the below problem, not sure whether I'm on the right track. Kindly share your experience if you already solved a similar problem.

      We have over 1000+ tableau report created using data source varying from Oracle, MySQL, Excel and others. The challenge we are trying to address is, most of the data comes from the data warehouse. Based on requirement if developers change the database view or column name or completely drop the table (rare scenario) there is not an easy way to regression test the impacted reports.

      I have tried the following things,

      1. Using python to download all the tableau workbook(.tbw/.tbwx) from the server and modify the extension as '.xml'. Parse the XML tree for and identify the column mismatch. Depends on the complexity of the tableau report, the XML structure is not providing a reliable output every time.
      2. Using selenium to launch the report in a browser and refresh the report. if there is no error message 'assume the report is not broken;

      What is the best approach to regression test all the published report?. Is there any open source tool available? I'm not very much interested in the data comparison at least for now.