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    Back ground Color of the Header should be green when selected

    venkat g

      @Hi All,


      I am using sheet1,sheet2,sheet3 as filters based on which sheet4 values changes.My requirements are below

      1) when i select year/quarter/month that should appear in green and remaining are all other are yellow color.

          As an example if i select 2016,Q1,Feb then these three should appear in green and remaining should appear in yellow.

          But the Tableau by default showing blue color for selected year/quarter/month.

      2)when i select only Q1 (not  year and month) then Jan,Feb,March(assuming as these three months comes under Q1) should appear in white color(back ground color) and remaining all months should appear in some other color.


      please find the below screen shots and .twbx workbook. using 9.3 version.

      In the below screen shot am facing two problems.

      1. 2010 and Q2 appears in blue(tableau default color) as i selected these fields. But i want to see these fields(2010 and Q2 in green color).

      2. As i selected Q2 , am able to see only april,may,june months only. others are not appearing. I should see also other months.




      If these requirements are not possible in Tableau, tell me other solutions like tableau in integration with R or API etc.




      Thanks in advance....