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    Show data in multiple tabular forms in a single sheet

    Raagi Jais



      I am new to tableau. I have a requirement where I am tring to replicate a PDF report. Report needs to have three or four tables one after the other with different metrics about companies. Is there a way for me to create this in a single sheet? As of now I have created a dashboard and each of the tables created on a different sheet and included in dashboard but I am not sure if its the best way to do it and I dont want to create too many sheetsfor 1 dashboard

      Another question is I have parent company and then lot of sub companies or child companies in it. So in the summary dashboard, user sees parent and all child sub companies summary and then can click on any of the child companies and go to another (detail) dashboard that has the child company as well as parent company information. I was able to achieve this by keeping parent company information in a separate sheet and all child company information in a separate sheet and include both in the detail dashboard. And then defined action filter with summary dashboard as sourceand only the child worksheet in the detail dashboard  as target and selected field as Company name. So this way parent sheet in detial dashboard stays unfiltered by the action and always shows the parent information. But the problem is this dashboard has to show several tables of parent and child informatin one after the other and I will end up creating many sheets in the same dashboard. Is there a better way to this like include parent info in the same sheet as child?