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    multiple smartsheet and excel combination dashboard

    narasimha br



      I have started using Tableau only recently and need help / guidance on achieving the following. I tried searching in the forums but could not get a definite solution


      I have around 10 smartsheets where I have profiles of Agents - runs into around 30 columns of data. I have just reproduced three relevant columns from two different sheets

      The sheet will always have only one row data



      Agent Name
      Agent CountrySales Location



      Agent Name
      Agent CountrySales Location



      II also have an excel file which is a dump from the ERP system of all sales for a particular period.. Once again this has number of other details with a total of 32 columns, but have given below relevant columns


      Agent NameSales Year
      QuarterItem SoldQtySales Value



      The smartsheet gets updated at regular interval. However  the name, country & sales location always remain static. Similarly the ERP data also is refreshed once in a month but manually.


      This being the background, is there a possibility to combine the smartsheet data in Tableau, create a Agent profile dashboard with data from the smartsheet plus the sales numbers for a particular year or quarter from the ERP Sales data. Agent name will be the link between the Excel data and different smartsheets.  I need all the columns (30) from Smartsheets to be available for the profile dashboard while I only need the sames value from the ERP data.


      Can this be accomplished? 


      Thanks in advance for any help.