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    Month to Month Cohort Analysis

    Joe Baker



      I would like to create an Aggregate SUM for 9/30/2016 that sums up all the ID's which existed in 6/30/2016 but did not exist in 9/30/2016. This calculation would be 500, summing only ID# 4 and ID# 8 because they did not exist or have values for 9/30/2016.  Also I would like to create a calculation that only calculates for ID's which existed in 9/30/2016 but did not exist in the prior period of 6/30/2016, so that this would only sum ID# 3 and ID# 7, equaling 800.  Any ideas??



      Any ideas or help would be much appreciated, thank you!


      I'm using version 10.0.1