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    Filtering - Removing Redundant Entries

    James Clayton

      Hey everyone,

      I'm relatively new to Tableau and have an issue which I'm sure should be easy to fix. The data in the table from the below screenshot is taken from Google Analytics. The Source/Medium list has hundreds of entries, however the data is actually only retrieved from 2 of them: 'Google / cpc' and 'Bing / cpc'. I simply want to create filter functionality that gives the option to include one or both of these.


      Most of the filter options give me a list of all the source/medium. I just want:


      Google / cpc

      Bing / cpc




      If I create it as a custom list, then the null filters are removed, but there is no option to include just one of these sources by themselves:



      Excluding all null sources  just gives me a list of the ones of excluded:



      Any ideas to help me grow back some of this hair that has been pulled out :-)