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    Color Legend Display Issue

    Ryan Henderson

      I have encountered display issues with color legends since upgrading to Tableau 10.0 on desktop and server.


      In desktop, legends will display properly and look the same as they were built:



      However, on Tableau server, legends are displaying incorrectly:




      Notice the 2nd and 3rd legends displaying incorrectly.


      This was not an issue prior to 10.0. Is this a known issue with the newer Tableau versions?

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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Ryan!


          Thanks for the packaged workbook! I was able to reproduce this issue in Tableau Server Version: 10.0.2 (10000.16.1004.1720) 64-bit, but the issue was NOT present in Tableau Server 10.1 Beta 2 (10100.16.0915.1805). What is the exact version of Tableau Server you are using? Please click on the in the upper right corner and take a screenshot. Also, do you recall what version you were on before where it worked successfully? I'd like to check to see if this issue has been reported already.


          Thank you!

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            Ryan Henderson

            Hi Nathan,


            Thank you for looking into this.


            Here is the current server version:



            This worked successfully in 9.3 and 9.1 in the past. This problem occurred after upgrading to 10.0.

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              Nathan Panuco

              Thanks for that info, Ryan. I've opened a "DevHelp" to investigate this issue. Can you open a case with Tableau Technical support so that we can get some customer traction on that? Please link to this community post as it contains some valuable information. Thank you!



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                Christa Kind

                I sent a response for your support case today, Ryan, but wanted to post here as well for the benefit of any other users who come across this post:


                This issue with quantitative color legend sizing is known to affect Tableau Server versions 10.0. through 10.0.2, and is fixed in an upcoming version of Tableau Server (10.0.3). To incorporate the fix, please upgrade to Tableau Server 10.0.3 when available. Though we cannot guarantee a release time, we do tentatively expect this version to be made available in November.


                To receive notification of product updates, please subscribe to our RSS feed: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/receiving-notification-of-product-updates


                A workaround that seems to address the display issue in the meantime is to show the title for the color legend (right click the legend > Show title).

                I confirmed that this works for the sample workbook attached above and a couple other test views; it may not work for all scenarios. If turning on the title is not creating the desired post-publish result, try making the legend larger than you would prefer in Desktop, so that the legend is still visible\legible after the shrinkage behavior in Tableau Server.


                Additionally, a note on the second legend in the screenshot: showing the title should fix the second legend display, but it also displays correctly if you simply extend the height of the container; the end range values are hidden because of insufficient space up and down, versus the side-to-side space issue with the third legend.