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    Replicating Excel Lookups in Tableau

    Mark Hodge

      Apologies for my inexperience.  I have been tasked with replicating an excel sheet with multiple VLOOKUP's in tableau and my experience with Tableau and Databases in minimal.


      My data source has 1 primary sheet comprising all relevant data and about 4 seperate lookup tables from which alternative variables are sourced.


      Where there is a 1:1 link as with some lookups I am fine with a standard inner join, however some of my lookups are only used when certain criteria are met and so there is not an complete match for every value in the source data.


      I assumed I would use a left join for this but this has started creating more records than is in the source data and I am not sure how I would prevent this.


      Also some excel lookups require concatenating 2 source fields first and I can't seem to use a calc field in tableau (concatenating source fields) as a value in a tableau join.


      In short I want to return as many records as is in my primary source data but have alternative tables linked without there being a true inner match.  How do I start?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.