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    decil ranking

    giorgio donà


      i have a specific question. I have 141 accounts and for each of them i have the numer of visits they made.

      I need to do in Tableau what i made in excel ( see the pic below)

      - aggregate per account the number of visits the accounts made

      - calculate the cumulate

      - divide into deciles

      - reach the final table to know how many accounts I need to consider to have the 50% of the visits done


      I need to create in tableu the final table i made with excel with the purpose of keep it as a report.

      Can somebody help me showing me the steps i have to follow to make this analysis?


      Thanks a lot


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          Dhanashree Arole

          Hi Giorgio,


          RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of visits]) ) can be used to calculate Cumulative, here is the report:



          I am just using first five records.


          Will keep you posted on the next calculations




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            Dhanashree Arole

            RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of visits]) ) / [TOTAL] can be used for Decile calculation



            Let me know if that helps you and it is what you are interested in.

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              Dhanashree Arole

              The records with Name = 6, 10, 23 are borderline and I am not sure if your percent decile ranking is using the same logic across the board. If 6 falls in 20% then 10 should be in 30% and not 40%. Does that sound good?


              Most likely rounding logic will be needed to crank out those values:


              I will attach the workbook once I am done with the condition for 50%.

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                Dhanashree Arole



                Here is the final calculation for 50% mark:


                In my example, only 3 accounts result into that mark. You can modify the names to suit your requirement.


                Attached is the workbook with all calculations and as you review from left to right, you will see that each new calculation shows up.


                If you have any questions, do let me know.


                If it helps out, please mark the replies as helpful and answered.




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