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    Dynamic Parameter

    Rohan Malusare

      Hi Expert,

      I am having some doubt in the parameter functionality .

      In the attached workbook client is expecting month parameter need to automatically change as an  when there is data available for the latest month,is there any possibilities to make it dynamic?

      In the workbook latest data is available till August 2014 but in the parameter latest month is showing as July, and client is expecting it has to show August.

      Or can we use month filter instead of parameter in such cases, then what will be the YTD calculation and is it possible to show the latest month as an when there is data available in the data source.

      Note - In the Dashboard few sheets are at monthly level and few sheets are at YTD level.

      Any workaround for this is appreciated or if there is any alternative solution to match with the client expectation.



      Thanks and regards,

      Rohan Malusare.

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          Nikunj Bhardava

          Ya definately rohan, you need to use filter instead of parameter. because parameter require manual refresh when new data items comes in.


          And, also with the filter we can create YTD calculations as well as default sort to latest month.

          Your workbook seems very congested, if possible please post simple workbook with you requirement/question so that anyone can look into it.


          Hope this helps!




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            Rohan Malusare

            Thanks for reply Nikunj Bhardava.


            Please check the attached sample workbook on superstore data.

            In this workbook there are two sheets one is at YTD level and one is at Monthly level. Client is expecting parameter month need to change as and when data is available for latest month(Dynamic parameter), is it possible?

            Or can we use order date filter instead of parameter so that output will be the same as parameter functionality and default month will be the latest month?