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    Controlling whether sheets are available after using tabcmd get

    Andy Holt

      OK, this is a weird one for me and hopefully someone will be able to help.


      So, in a new role and I've inherited some 'processes'.
      One of which is regular refreshing and publication of workbooks from Tableau Server to a network location using tabcmd.

      All well and good so far. Only it isn't.


      From what I can tell, when the workbook (twbx) was initially published to the server three sheets of 17 were selected. (Another 6 are hidden, but they're not available to select, of course)

      And when I view the workbook on the server itself only the three specified sheets are shown.

      However, when I view the distributed workbook (in the network location following the tabcmd get stuff) all 17 sheets are visible. (But the 6 hidden ones remain hidden, as expected)


      On this page Publish a Workbook  I read, under 'Show or hide sheets when you publish':
      "Important: Hiding sheets is not a security measure. Anyone who has the Download/Web Save As permission can access the hidden sheets, either by opening the workbook on the server, or by downloading it from the server."


      Is this what I am effectively coming up against here?


      Is my only option to create a copy of the workbook containing only the 3 desired sheets and publish that to the server? Or is there a little trick I am missing somewhere?


      Many thanks



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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Andy,


          This is an issue that has been fixed normally.

          This means that when you publish a workbook with hidden sheets by using Tabcmd. They normally stay hidden on the server.


          "Using tabcmd to publish workbooks with hidden sheets would publish all the sheets including the hidden ones. This issue has been corrected."







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            Andy Holt

            Thanks for your reply, Matthias.


            The issue is not so much the 'hidden' sheets within the workbook. They function as expected.

            The issue is more the sheets that theoretically were not published to the server at all.



            Workbook contains 23 sheets - 17 visible, 6 hidden

            Workbook published to Server - Only 3 of 17 visible sheets selected

            On Server - 3 sheets only visible

            Workbook distributed from server - 23 sheets in workbook, 17 visible and 6 hidden.


            It seems to be publishing the sheets I am not selecting somehow and once the workbook is distributed using tabcmd they reappear.