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    Need to get the amount for each year by subtracting from previous years

    Rakesh Cherukuri



      I am trying to get the amount for each year by substracting from the previous year: example


      In the above screen shot I have in 2016  as 5% complete so the cost divided is 15K out of cost then in 2017 as the same 5% is completed then my cost divided should be 0 then in 2018 my percent complete is 100 then this has to be 2016 (5) - 2017(5-5 = 0) - 2018(5-100=95) = 285000. I am trying to use this in tree map as a label.

      its the same logic for 0,75,100 and 0,50,80.


      The Cost divided is the desired result that I am looking for.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sample workbook is attached.