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    'Run on Select' does not pass filter values in URL dashboard action

    Doug Erickson

      I am trying to set up a dashboard on Tableau server that will be a launching page for multiple separate dashboards.  On the launch page the user can set some simple filters to pass on to the target dashboards.


      So I set up url actions to trigger (via select) to open the target dashboard and pass the selected filter values.   This works fine if you run the dashboard from Tableau desktop.  Once published to the server and run from there the target dashboard will open, but the filter values are not passed.  If I change the 'Run on' option to 'Menu'  then the action will work on the server and correctly passes the filter values.


      I have attached a demo workbook, to see if anyone can find the solution for getting 'select' to work or to confirm the issue and I can open a ticket with support.  The setup.txt file is instructions for publishing the views to server to work with the dashboard.


      Thanks in advanced for any attention on this.