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    Parameters and Dashboard action filter

    Amy Amy

      Hi ,


      My dashboard uses 2 parameters to select two months to compare and get the % increase and decrease. The issue i am having is the action filter in dashboard.

      I want the action to take user to the detail in another dashboard / worksheet and just show the number of records selected. My dashboard  has Month 1 and Month 2 and status in row shelf.


      Status               Month1         Months 2           % + / -

      New                  30                  40                         xx

      Renew              20                  35                         xx


      Dashboard action filter only filter by the status  and Month 1 level only. when i click on 30 (month 1) or 40 (month 2) , it show me 30 records in detail for status equals NEW. The same thing happen when i click on 20 or 35, it show me 20 records for status = Renew.


      What do i need to do in order to show the correct number of records based on user's selection?


      Thanks in advance for all the help!