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    Reference Line (Date Marker) based on Dynamic Filter and Data

    Joe Stevenot

      Hi -


      I did some searching on this topic and didn't come up with anything concrete which referenced my example that I'm looking for, so I figured I would toss out a question.


      I'm trying to create reference lines which adjust dynamically based on filters of data, and the date range of the accessible data.  My example is using equipment data and service points for a given piece of equipment.  The filter for equipment is going to be limited to a single piece of equipment, so the idea is to show the warranty period for the equipment (installation/purchase date until the warranty date) using reference lines.  The problem is that using a calculated field reference line just shows the Minimum Date which exists in my resultset (the earliest overall date), and doesn't take into effect that my filters are supposed to be limiting the 'minimum' data which can be selected.  Is it possible for the filtered data to actually influence the reference line based on a field which exists within the data source?


      For example, Equipment A has an Installation Date of 10/1/2016, and a Warranty Expiration of 1 year from that (10/1/2017) - I want the reference line to exist for both 10/1/2016 and 10/1/2017.  Equipment B has an Installation Date of 1/1/2016 and Expiration of 1/1/2017.  I want the reference lines to show 1/1/2016 and 1/1/2017, respectively, and as soon as I change the filter to show a different piece of equipment.  My plan was to have a reference line which shows for each date, but they need to be based on the field data of the selected equipment record.


      If needed, I can create an example workbook which shows the two cases separately, but I haven't figured out a way to change the reference lines dynamically.  Also, there is the potential for there to be 100s of possible selections (even if the actual selection is still limited to a single piece of equipment via filtering), so a specific case statement within the formula won't really work in this case.  It has to be driven exclusively by the data.


      Thanks for the help!