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    Filtering across linked data sources omits data where there is no match

    Gummi Eggertsson

      Good afternoon!


      Background: I've linked together two data sources (Postgres database and a csv file). The Postgres database contains actual sales figures by staff, the csv data contains sales targets. The linked fields are date fields (Year, Quarter, Month) and Name of sales person.


      I'm displaying the Achieved revenue (Postgres) and Target revenue (csv) together in the same view, with some quick filters on the dashboard to filter for Year and Quarter displayed. I've used the date fields from the Postgres source as columns.


      Issue: Each sales person has a target sales figure (csv) in all months. Each sales person does not necessarily have an achieved revenue (postgres) in all months. In certain months where there is no achieved revenue (Postgres) for a certain sales person, the table won't display the target sales figure (csv source). I believe this is happening because the Primary and Secondary data sources are not finding a match.


      I'd love to know if anyone has a good workaround so the Target sales figure can be displayed even if there is no Achieved sales figure in the month. I've tried making the csv file the Primary data source without luck.


      Thank you!


      PS. This is my first post on this forum, appreciate any tips for explaining my issue better.