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    Max Month on Filter

    Paula Garzon

      Hi community!


      I have accumulated data by month for each year so for example as of 10/2016 I have all the data from 1/1 to 10/30/2016. I want to create a new view where I need to show the data as of 12/31 that means Month=12 for the past 3 years including current year (2016). However, for the current year I only have data for October so far. So, in the filter month I can't just check 10 and 12 because it will be double counting for the years that have data in October and December.


      I want to calculate a field or do a calculated formula in the filter condition where Year=2014 show Month=12, Year=2015 show Month=12, Year=2016 show Month 10, but then next month it will show 11 and then by December it will show 12, so in other words I want to always show the Max of the Moth grouped by Year as a filter for my other calculations. I have tried to put a condition on the filter formula: Max(Month) = Max(Month) but it doesn't work. I don't know how to do it.


      As of today:

      Year:   2014  2015    2016

      Month:    12       12       10



      Hope you guys can help me!

      Thank you!!