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    ***502 Proxy error (tabcmd)

    pinki sharma



      Yesterday  i tried to publish my workbooks with the help of tabcmd using below command-


      "tabcmd.exe" login --server "" --site "R10ST" --username "AAA" -password "BBB"


      "tabcmd.exe" publish "path of report.twb" --project "Default" --db-username "VM2" --db-password "ABC" --overwrite --no-certcheck


      and i successfully published workbooks. Today i am using same command to publish now its giving ***502 proxy error


      I have tried solution provide in link -> http:// kb.tableau.com/articles/isse/error-502-proxy-refreshing-extract-using-tabcmd

      but still getting same issue :-(


      Please help.


      Thanks in Advance...:-)



      Pinki Sharma