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    Can not Pivot Data from Columns to Rows

    Béatrice LORIOT

      Hi everyone,


      I really like the pivoting feature as described here http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#qs_pivot.html

      but now that I have 16 columns  = 16 products to pivot accross every day of the year, Tableau is not offering the pivot option anymore.


      This is what I have


      Sales per dateProduct 1Product 2Product 3Product 16


      This is what I  need.


      DateProduct name Sales amount
      01/01/2016Product 1100
      01/01/2016Product 2500
      01/01/2016Product 3450
      02/01/2016Product 1100
      02/01/2016Product 2500
      02/01/2016Product 3450

      I would like to rank my product by sales amount accross the year and other dimensions,such as country, region, etc...


      Thanks a lot,

      Very kind regards