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    Error Message

    Chrissy Scott



      Has anyone ever seen this error message:



      When I choose to hide some fields the extract works. I keep the largest field and some other random fields, and the extract works. Then I add one more tiny little field (25 characters max for 22,000 records) and bam, I get the error message.


      Any ideas?




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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Chrissy,


          I've seen this error before while working one a Netezza database.

          In my case the issue was the content of one of my columns.


          If I remember it right, then the column was a string column and contained full sentences making it sometimes too big for the field.

          Leaving out these columns solved the issue immediatley.


          Hope this helps!




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            Chrissy Scott

            Hi Matthias,


            You were right. I switched out the Description field (which can get very long) with the Short Description field and all is well.


            Funny thing is, I can use the Description successfully if I get rid of several other very short fields. This makes me wonder if the field limit is impacted by the overall size of the data...




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              Dmitry Chirkov

              +1 to what Matthias said. With of some column (or data in that column?) is larger than max supported by ODBC driver.

              If you really need that field you ran try pushing it through RIGHT([field], 65534) calculation.