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    Advance Analytics in Tableau - More Features Like K-Means Clustering

    Akriti Lal

      In Tableau 10 we have the option of using algorithm K-means clustering . Sometimes back i posted an article on this ( direct link below) . In one of my training i was asked ,why is Tableau not coming up with more options of supporting more of these Advance Analytics features like some of the other popular machine learning algorithms like SVM , KNN, Logistic Regression , Linear Regression , Decision Tree etc.


      Any thoughts why exactly it is  still not there and the time lines by which we can expect them to make a place .


      K-means Clustering in Tableau 10.0





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          Hey Akriti,


          My best advice is to keep posting ideas and joining beta programs to see what's coming. It seems to me (while I work here, this isn't based on any real inside knowledge) that we were relying more on integrating with R for analysis like K-means clustering and other advanced mathematical analytics. We're making headway into bringing those features natively into the product without the need for outside tools but there's a lot that goes into those features and a long way to go. Again, ideas are the best way to show our devs which of those features should be prioritized.


          I hope this helps!