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    Can't download workbook using Tableau API

    Deepak Reddy Mogulla

      Hi All,


      I am using Tableau API via Postman to download a workbook. I tried the tabcmd get route before I went to API, and here are the issues I faced in both the cases.


      Tabcmd issue:

      My workbook name has spaces between words like, say , 'Audit Workbook'. I face a 400 Bad Request error with only those workbooks which have spaces in their name. Below is the snap shot of the error with tabcmd running on command prompt or powershell. I have tried all the escape methods and failed. Seemed like %20 was close, but it gave a 400 bad request, not sure what is that I am missing here. Below are snapshots of the command and the error.




      So I opted to use the API to download workbooks.


      API issue:

      To make things easy for me, I went the lazy way and downloaded Tableau APIs or Postman zip file from Github here. I am very comfortable with all the API in there except for the 'Download Workbook' one. I get an auth token for myself (admin) and obtain the site-id, the workbook-id, and place all things in the right locations and hit Send. I get this message which says that there was a problem downloading the workbook. Now I have a really bad headache working on downloading a workbook alternatively.



      Any suggestions are much appreciated and thanks for looking.