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    Weighted Average

    rajul Parekh

      Hi all - Struggling to understand how to write a calculation for a weighted average. Attached the workbook but basically need a vertical line to show the average number of pitches made. Should be straightforward but every time I write the following equation I get an error. I think it has to do with the count of last names (which is the count of people per number of pitches).




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          Santiago Sanchez

          Hi Rajul,


          Just looking at the formula, looks like the syntax is a bit off. Instead of:


          SUM([# Pitches] * COUNTD([What is your last name?]))/COUNTD([What is your last name?])


          This should work:


          (SUM([# Pitches]) * COUNTD([What is your last name?]))/COUNTD([What is your last name?])


          SUM and COUNTD are functions that aggregate data (the dimension or measure you put within parenthesis after the function name). On your formula, the SUM function was missing a parenthesis.


          Hope this helps!

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            rajul Parekh

            Hi Santiago - thanks so much for your help!


            Tried what you said but I'm not sure it's calculating correctly. The averages at the top of each bar don't seem correct... Also, I just need one average across ALL the columns. For example, I would guesstimate that the average is somewhere between 10-15 pitches.


            Does that make sense?


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