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    Association Tables

    Robert Abarbanel

      I have a public v2 Odata source available to all. (http://services.odata.org/OData/OData.svc/ ).

      The "contents" includes


      <collection href="Products">







      <collection href="ProductDetails">







      <collection href="Categories">







      <collection href="Suppliers">







      <collection href="Persons">







      And a couple of other tables.


      The Relationship between Products and Categories, for example is visible (with $metadata inquiry) like this

      <Association Name="Product_Categories_Category_Products">


      <End Type="ODataDemo.Category" Role="Category_Products" Multiplicity="*"/>


      <End Type="ODataDemo.Product" Role="Product_Categories" Multiplicity="*"/>



      To use these data effectively in Tableau, I need to be able to associate the Products with Categories. This joining operation requires another data source so that I can determine (e.g.) Products are in which Categories.


      How do I make that association available in Tableau Desktop?