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    tableau api authentication with SSO/active directory

    Rami Rashid



      I am tasked with embedding all views that a user has access to on our internal tableau server within a website.  I have went the route of getting a list of every view via the restful server api then using the java script api to switch views every time a drop down with a view is changed,


      but the issue I am faced with is authentication.  Currently the user has to login with their active directory user name and password in order to receive an authentication token within tableau then I keep the token within their local storage for use and it expires after 24 hours.  Every day the users have to log into tableau within the website even though they're both on the intranet.


      Is there any way to utilize AD to authenticate within the restful API that way the users won't have to log in every day?


      Thanks in advance, I hope everyone understands my question/issue.