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    Combining 2 maps?

    Nolan Reilly

      I have one map that shows factory locations in the USA, and then another that shows sales out of each factory (circle for each customer, bigger circle=more sales). Is there a way to show both of these on a map, such as each factory being a square and then customers being a circle? I can link the tables based on factoryid # because the sales table records which factory the sale came out of. Any ideas? thanks

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          Sherzodbek Ibragimov


          yes it is possible. Instead of filled map or circles, you can change to different chart type, but i thought it will be nice to have such look too.


          Bring your latitude next to first latitude:


          Make sure you change filled map to circles and color it differently (any formatting you want)


          Then mark it as dual axis:

          i hope it helps.

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            Sherzodbek Ibragimov


            It has been almost two weeks since your question was answered, I just wanted to check back with you if solution provided here answered your question or not. If yes, please mark as correct answer or as assumed answer if you find your solution so that it is cleared from question board that needs to be answered as well as other users in future can benefit from it. If not, please feel free to ask for help. I appreciate your help on that. Thank you.