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    Totals over time without communicating a trend

    Timothy Blaisdell



      My boss wants to see the daily totals of reports logged for the past 30 days. I have been showing it as a line graph with a trend line for a while but I have recently learned it can take up to a few weeks for a report to be logged. For example, today, on October 26, reports are being logged for today, as well as for everyday for the past three weeks. This means that today's totals will always be less than the totals than those of 3 weeks ago, which results in a downward trend. In order to get an accurate trend, you'd have to exclude the last 30 days.


      Any suggestions on how I can do a visualization with the daily totals of the last 30 days without showing a trend?  For now, i removed the trend line and may add a note.


      Thank you!