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    Extraction Issue

    Govind Ramchetty

      HI All

      I am using tableua 10.I am working 1 dashboard in india.

      Another dashboard working my friends in US.I created around 10 calculated fields and 5 parameter.

      My friend created 7 calculated fields and 6 parameters.

      May be both are common few calculated fields.



      Both are using same View.(Sales_View)





      Now when he taking extract and published into server.I am connecting same data source using table server.

      I am getting so many error.Bcos calculated fields.Now my question is.



      How we can extract without any issue but both need to use same extract file.?

      No need to imapct his dashboard and me also no need to impact when we using server extract ds

      .How we will achieve.


      And even calculated fields not able to edit.



      Govind R