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    Change the axis based on the dates(week numbers, months, quarterly, yearly) using parameters

    Debjeet Das



      I need to change the x axis based on my parameters. I would require something like the first column having date value but with the x-axis showing individual views.


      This view(x-axis) needs to be changed based on the parameter control on the right side(highlighted).


      For example :


      Monthly view :


      I get this

      But I require the below.


      The calculated field for the parameter I've used is


      CASE [Date Level]

      WHEN "1" THEN [record_date (Week numbers)]

      WHEN "2" THEN [record_date (Months)]

      WHEN "3" THEN [record_date (Quarters)]

      WHEN "4" THEN [record_date (Years)]



      Where 1, 2, 3, 4 are weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.


      Any help is appreciated.