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    Images not working when .twb is shared co-worker

    Stephen Lynch

      Hi everyone,

      I have a .twb file on a network file share in the office. My co-worker is opening the .twb file on their Desktop installation to work on/edit the workbook. The images I have placed on a dashboard do not display, despite their placeholder and image names being visible. The file location of the images is accessible by both users (i even specifically mapped a drive to where the images are located), but it doesn't work. If I select the 'Pick Image' option and navigate to the image it will display correctly.


      Does anyone know what is going here? Do images need to be in a specific Tableau location somewhere for this to work correctly?


      Additionally, does anyone have any advice on an ideal setup for co-workers that will be collaborating on the same workbooks on different Desktop installations.


      Thanks in advance.