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    Add/remove entries from a list by clicking another

    Teis Andersen

      Hello everyone


      I hope one of you is able to help me with a seemingly easy task which i have found surprisingly hard to accomplish in Tableau 10. What I'm trying to accomplish is depicted in the picture below, and is outlined below:

      I have 2 lists: one, List1, which is populated with all entries in my dataset and one, List2, which should be populated by the user by pressing entries in List1. I have succesfully been able to make it so that you could press entries in List1 and they would appear in List2 using the select action, however when you press a new entry in List1 it replaces the entries in List2. I have also looked into the menu action but did not find the solution here.

      Since what I'm trying to design is meant for Tablet/Phone users, the solution to bypass this by selecting multiple values with ctlr+click is sadly not applicable here.

      I'm using Tableau Desktop and the below example is a quick made-up example but the structure of the problem should be represented.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!