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    Table Joining Issues

    Nicholas Lewis

      I have 3 tables that I need to join into a single large scale table. They all come from the same Access database and all have the same two parent tables, a nameID and calendar table (so each of these 3 tables has both of those to relate to). The nameID table has all the pertinent personal info and the calendar table has every single day listed and what kind of day it was relative to our work schedule (In for work, off or traveling). 2 of the tables are tests or incident reports that occur only lets say once a month. Then the 3rd of the tables is details about what each person was doing for each day we are in for work. Reminder we have in the master calendar days worked, days off and days traveled. One of the incident reports could occur on a day off or travel etc.


      As I try to join the table I end up with large gaps in data. I've attempted to use the calendar table like a parent table from Access and left join that to all the records because every date should be present but then run into issues with it being stuck as a left join for relating the nameID portions. Next I scrapped the calendar table because of Tableau's date functions already and just went for the roster table as a parent table to left join to the others but, again now it's a left join to get the dates to line up properly which again causes errors. Inner Joining the tables all together leaves me different errors and only 1 single record left available in the table preview, so obviously wrong.


      Any help would be appreciated.