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    Changing selection highlight color on tableau server

    Alex Krengel

      Many of the users I support have trouble seeing the contrast of the blue and white selections on the icons when they are trying to export (or subscribe) to a workbook/view in Server.

      Does anyone know of a way to change this color?


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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Alex -


          You posted this with a "Tableau Online" tag, so I'm assuming you are interested in an answer which is Tableau Online focused?


          For Online, the answer is unfortunately "No". Online's formatting is what it is and there's no way you can change it above and beyond a few well-documented exceptions. If you are running Tableau Server yourself, then you can take advantage of the fact that the Tableau Portal is simply a web application. If you know something about web development, you can (generally) find the thing you want to change and "force" the issue by editing HTML and/or CSS yourself. For example, I've changed the background color you mentioned to red below


          Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 9.26.43 AM.png


          This approach is 100% unsupported, by the way. Folks who "hack" the server are generally fairly technical and understand that if they break something, they're on their own


          I'd suggest you post this feedback in the "Ideas" forum. There may be other folks who the same problem. While I'm not color blind, I also wonder whether the difference between the "selected" light blue and the "unselected" white is strong enough for those who ARE color blind. I just don't know - we may have have done some work in this area and determined that the blue/white combo is "best" for the visually impaired...but I'm totally theorizing off the top of my head.

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