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    Please help me with the dynamic calculation to get latest month data available in datasource

    Kalyan Chakravarthi Gutta

      Hi All, Please refer below for my scenario:

      Below is the my data table:




      And i need Out put like below:




      I wanted to have a calculation to reflect the view with the latest month where data is available


      In future if i get the the data for the different periods for different ID's like below


      ID: 1 and Period 1609 sales as 23

      ID: 2 and Period 1610 sales as 44

      ID: 3 and Period 1611 sales as 72


      Then the output for above should be changed to latest values like below:

      Basically i need a calculation on period to show latest month data against ID.


      Please help me on this as soon as possible.


      Thanks in advance,

      Kalyan Gutta.