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    When exporting to Crosstab, the result is not the same as the view on Tableau Desktop

    Tricia Laubscher

      I am using a WINDOW_SUM function to group the number of agents that have sold policies.


      IF FIRST()==0 then WINDOW_SUM(countd([Agent Name])) END


      By using the above WINDOW_SUM function, the Tableau view just shows the total number of agents by the different policy bands.  For example, 38 agents sold 1 policy, 10 agents sold between 2-3 policies, etc.


      But when exporting this view to a crosstab, each agent is listed instead of the summarized view on Tableau Desktop.  All 52 agents appear in a separate row.


      Does someone have a suggestion as to how to only export the summarized view that appears on Tableau?


      I have attached the Tableau workbook showing the summarized view and also the excel file of the data that is exported from Tableau.  This excel file does not match the Tableau workbook view.


      Thanks for any help/suggestions!