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    How to add combined line

    Alan Wang

      I just separated a dimension variable into 5 different colored lines in a line chart. Is there a way to also show a line on the same line chart that combines the different colors together?Combined line question.png

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          Jonathan Drummey

          You can do this with a dual axis chart:

          1. Ctrlclickdrag the CNT(Knowledge…) pill on Rows to the right of the existing pill and drop it to create a second axis below the first.

          2. On the marks card for that axis remove the Source pill from color.

          3. Change the color & thickness to distinguish it from the other lines (I’ll usually use a thick grey line).

          4. Right-click on the right-hand CNT(Knowledge…) pill and choose Dual Axis.

          5. Right-click on the right-hand axis legend and choose Synchronize Axis.



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            Alan Wang

            Thanks Jonathan. Exactly what I needed!