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    Data Prep and Filtering

    Lauren Blumberger

      Hi there,


      I am having difficulty figuring out a method to use to filter my data in the specific way I need. I am not able to post my workbook, so I have created example data below.



      For this example, I have a bunch of stores that have various employees as shown in the table above. Some employees work at only one store and some work at multiple stores. There are two types of stores: large and small. So far, I have created two sheets. The first sheet is filtered by small stores, where there is a drop down menu with all small stores. Once a small store is selected all the employees that work at that store are listed. The second sheet does the exact same for all large stores.


      What I need to happen on the dashboard: User chooses small store 1 in sheet 1 and large store 2 in sheet 2, then only the employees that work in store 1 and do not work in store 2 are listed in sheet 1, and all the employees that work in store 2 and do not work in store 1 are listed in sheet 2 (as shown in the table below).


      Small Stores

      (*store 1 selected from menu filter*)

      Large Stores

      (*store 2 selected from menu filter*)



      I am also using Alteryx for data prep and feel like I may need to create some indicators for the cross referencing of employees to stores?


      Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance for the help!



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          Sherzodbek Ibragimov


          Have you tried to use set function to handle it. I have tried to get your result as seen below:


          I have play little bit to get the exact result you want but it could guide you to the result you want. If I have time, I will try to play with it again. Also, I have attached workbook for your reference.

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            Lauren Blumberger

            Hi Sherzodbek,

            Thanks for the response! I haven't used sets before but it seems like a logical approach. I'm taking a look at the workbook now and seeing how I can manipulate it. Sheet one is filtering the way I would like, but sheet 2 contains employee A who also is also at store 1 so it shouldn't be in the list. Do you know what would fix this?

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              Sherzodbek Ibragimov


              I didn't have a chance to fully figure out the second sheet, but definitely try to play with set options by right clicking and editing options. You may want to create another set that will include a employee in set and exclude it from set i have created for large store or something like this logice, so you would have two sets for sheet two. If not, i will try to play with it by the end of day. Thanks again

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                Sherzodbek Ibragimov


                It has been almost two weeks since your question was answered, I just wanted to check back with you if solution provided here answered your question or not. If yes, please mark as Correct Answer or as Assumed Answer if you find your solution yourself so that it is cleared from question board that needs to be answered as well as other users in future can benefit from it. If not, please feel free to ask for help. I appreciate your help on that. Thank you.