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    How to add worksheets into a text box on a dashboard

    Carolyn Marks

      Hi all--


      This is a generic question.  I know how to create dashboards.  I've got several pretty dashboards ready to go.  However, it has been requested that I create a text box above the pretty charts and tables in the dashboard outlining what is in the charts.  Here is the example wanted.  In red, this information comes from my dashboards (worksheets).  So I want to type this text which doesn't change and then pull in the percent (and yes, this % is a standalone worksheet already).  In other words, I want these to be dynamic with the filters I select, just as they are in the dashboards/reportlets below. I really don't want to have to re-write the %s each months in the text!  Is there a way to automate this in Tableau?  Can you send me a link on how to do?  Can I do this in Stories?



      Total Sales Performance.

      Average YTD attainment is tracking at 93.4%; median YTD attainment is 93.1%.

      90% of the population is trending below 100% of the YTD target; 69% of that population is between 90.0% and 99.9%.

      4.2% of the population is below the 80.9% payout threshold.  Average attainment for those under the payout threshold is 75.8%.

      12.5% of the population is trending above 100% attainment.

      New Business Performance

      Average attainment is 50.2% of the annual target (median attainment is 36%).

      On a YTD basis, we would expect attainment to be at 58%.  Average YTD attainment is at 66.9% but is skewed from team members who have already exceeded their annual target. Median YTD attainment is tracking at 48.5% which aligns to target expectation for this time period.

      Three team members have achieved or exceeded their annual New Business target