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    The method of confirmation of "Background Tasks for Extracts"

    Kensaku Yamashita


      I have a question  "Site Status" "Background Tasks for Extracts"  on Tableau Online.

      We can see detail panel of extracts task by hovering on the section of "What Extracts Ran on this Site?"



      I know the "Runtime" is working time of tableau server between "Started at" and "Completed At".

      But I cannot come up with the acceptation of "Completed At".


      What does "Tableau online server" do at the time  between "Created at" and "Started At"?



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          Matt Coles

          "Created At" means the time that the task was enqueued at. It will wait in the Backgrounder queue until a Backgrounder process is free to pick up the task and executed it. When it does, that is the "Started At" date. The backgrounder process will then process the extract or the subscription, and when it completes the work, that is the "Completed At" date. Because you're using Tableau Online, the processing power of the Backgrounder processes is not dedicated solely to your site--rather, it's shared. You'd have a bit more visibility into what was happening behind the scenes if you were using an on-prem installation of Tableau Server (though the work would not necessarily get done any faster, depending on how many backgrounders you ran, and how many tasks you'd scheduled for that time frame).

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