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    How can I create a side by side bar chart with 3 measures where each has a different label

    Charlie Giersh



      I've got what seems a simple requirement but cannot find how to achieve it.  I want to create the equivalent of a triple-axis chart (which I know we can't do) where I can assign a different label to each of the different measures.


      Attached is sample 9.2 workbook where I'm trying to create a side by side bar chart by state with the measures "Sum of Number of Sales", "Sum of Number of Returns", "Sum of Profit", and the labels for each of the measures should be "Avg. Retail Price", "Sum of Returns Freight", "Sum of Donations on Profit" respectively.


      I've tried to create a calculated field, to use as the label, but as each row contains data for each measure I can't find a criteria to display a different labels, e.g., something like the calc below won't work:


      IF SUM([Number of Sales]) > 0 THEN AVG([Retail Price])

      ELSEIF SUM([Number of Returns]) > 0 THEN SUM([Return Freight])

      ELSEIF SUM([Profit]) > 0 THEN SUM([Donations on Profit])



      I can create a dual-axis chart that'll enable me to have a different label for each measure, but my requirement is to show 3 measures, and obviously there's no triple-axis option.


      Sheet 1 (see below) shows what the labels for each measure should look like (but this isn't the correct format):



      Sheet 2 (below) shows how I want to represent the data (but the labels for Number of Returns and Profit are not correct, as each measure within the state has the same value which isn't what I need):



      Any help welcome.