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    Threshold limit on Data handled by Tableau

    Riyas Khareem

      Hello all,


      I am working on a bid to demonstrate customer insights in Tableau dashboards with more than 500 million rows of data.


      The scope of bid is to ensure the customer, to load the dashboards within 5 seconds, based on filters what the customer is going to change.


      I am pointing to a Tableau Data Extract where actual data (500+million records) resides, and displaying in the dashboards from the extract.


      Currently, i am struggling to get dashboards loading in 5 seconds, whereas i am getting more time to load the dashboard, whenever a filter is applied.


      Based on the the above, I am seeking some suggestion and an approach to my solution, from the experts,


      1. What are all the ways to improve performance in Tableau dashboard considering, huge volume of data (say, 500 million records).
      2. Is there any threshold limit set forth in tableau, that how much a tableau dashboard can handle.


      Please let me know. Any help is highly appreciated.



      Riyas Khareem