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    7200 secs Extract Refresh Timeout when refreshing extract via tabmcmd on Tableau Online

    Radek Zakaszewski

      hi Guys!


      When refreshing a large extract (50M rows, 30 columns) on Tableau Online via tabcmd I experience a timeout after 7200 secods and the refresh job fails.


      I was trying to find more info on the forums, and found some advise published by Tableau here: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/error-operation-cancelled-query-time-resource-limit-7200-refreshing-tableau-online-extract

      Errors "Operation Cancelled." Or "The query time resource limit (7200 seconds) was exceeded" When Refreshing Tableau Onl…


      One of the options they propose is "Refresh the published extract using Tableau Desktop, Data Sync Client, or the Command Line Utility."

      I don't want to use the Sync Client, but I'm using tabcmd yet I still experience the timeout issue.


      I know that there is a --timeout parameter one can use, but it seems it doesn't work with Tableau Online, just with Tableau Server as i tested it, and despite it being in the command line, it had no effect on the refresh process.


      Here are the commands I'm using (nothing fancy):



      @ECHO OFF


      ECHO Processing.....


      cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau 10.0\bin


      tabcmd login -s https://online.tableau.com -u dummy@username.com -p dummy_password


      tabcmd refreshextracts --timeout 100 --synchronous  --datasource "my_tableau_datasource"


      ECHO ON




      Has anyone managed to solve this issue? Would help me tremendously.


      Thanks a lot in advance for looking at my case.