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    Parameters...I think I'm missing something


      Hello! I am trying to add a parameter that allows end-users to filter data based on the Region they select in the parameter control. Here's a screenshot of the parameter dialog box. I'm choosing OK because everything is how it should be--it's a string with a list of regions. I'd like users to be able to choose, Africa, let's say and filter the viz based on the Sales in Africa.



      The problem is that when I choose to show the parameter control and actually choose a region, the data doesn't change. I want nothing but that region to show; I know this isn't the ideal use of parameters because my data probably isn't being pared down enough to warrant a parameter, but I need to understand what's going on here (or not going on here).


      Attached is the workbook; the sheet in question is Region by Sales. The parameter control has been added already. Thanks!!!